Dinowitz Helps Pass Budget Reform

In a repudiation of Governor Pataki and an endorsement of greater openness and efficiency in state government, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz helped override the Governor’s veto of enabling legislation for a constitutional amendment to reform the budget process.

The bipartisan plan would make adjustments to the budget calendar, improve accountability, and create a "fail-safe" budget if it fails to pass on time. Public education remains a priority for the Assemblyman: the new reforms will enhance the stability and predictability of school funding, assisting in long-term planning by educators. The reforms passed by the legislature will require approval by the voters in November.

Assemblyman Dinowitz also supported a range of other reform bills passed by the legislature. The new laws will restore the balance of power in the budget process, close lobbying loopholes, reform public authorities, strengthen the public finance system, and reform the judicial selection laws.

"I’m pleased that we passed these important reforms over the Governor’s opposition, and I’m confident that the voters will support these amendments. These reforms are just the first step in a major effort to change how Albany works. I’ll be working hard in the future to make sure that we improve how our state does business."