Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Calls on Governor Cuomo to Support a June Primary

Changes to system would save taxpayers $50 million

Bronx – In a letter addressed to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) called on the governor to support having a single June primary for all federal and non-federal primary elections in 2014. The change back to a single primary would save taxpayers an estimated $50 million and go a long way in reversing the trend of decreasing voter turnout in New York.

“The numbers don’t lie. Having two primaries for federal and non-federal elections would cost the state’s taxpayers nearly $50 million, a large sum that would be better spent on important things like our public schools,” Dinowitz wrote. “Going back to a single primary would also reduce the burden on voters, who are already turning out in record lows, by allowing them to vote for local, state and federal elections all on the same ballot.”

Voter turnout has been on downward trend all around the country, culminating in record low voter participation in the 2013 New York City elections. Coupling local and state primaries with federal primaries would increase voter turnout significantly. Support from Governor Cuomo for a single primary would greatly increase its odds for success.

Wrote Dinowitz, “your support in advocating for one primary, presumably on June 24th, would both save taxpayers $50 million and stem the tide of decreasing voter turnout. I know your leadership on this would make a huge difference.”