Following a Complaint by Assemblyman Dinowitz, DOT Fixes Sign Error on Independence Avenue

Bronx – Following a complaint letter from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx), the New York City Department of Transportation has fixed a parking sign error that led to a slew of unfair parking tickets for motorists on Independence Avenue.

The signage in question, a dual alternate side parking demarcation and back in 60 degree parking only sign, had been placed a few feet inside the southern most parking spot on the west side of the Independence Avenue block, between West 238th Street and West 237th Street. Everything south of the sign, which technically included a couple of feet of the parking space, was a No Parking Anytime zone. As a result, predatory parking enforcement agents were giving cars parked in that spot tickets for parking in a no parking zone.

Following complaints from the community and a personal site inspection of the spot, Assemblyman Dinowitz wrote to the DOT demanding they fix the sign immediately. A week later, the problem has been fixed. DOT moved the sign pole a few feet south, below the parking spot, and has added a No Parking Anytime sign to the pole pointing in the opposite direction of the parking spots to avoid any future confusion.

Assemblyman Dinowitz was pleased with the quick fix.

“The DOT was wrong to have that sign inside a parking spot,” Dinowitz said. “But traffic enforcement, either out of incompetence or malice, gave out way too many parking tickets to motorists who were quite obviously innocent. I am pleased the DOT sprung into action so quickly to fix the problem, and I’m glad they did it in a clear and easily understandable way for motorists and traffic enforcement officers alike.”