Statement from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz on the Failed Manchin-Toomey Amendment in the U.S. Senate

“I am totally disgusted by the gutless minority of U.S. Senators who voted against the watered down gun legislation providing for criminal background checks. Most Senate Minority members plus four Majority collaborators knuckled under the influence of the NRA and the gun industry, and thwarted the will of the majority of Senators and the overwhelming majority of the American people. While we are fortunate in New York to be represented by Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand, many people around the country aren’t quite as fortunate.

“When I was growing up I was taught that majority rules, however in recent years the Minority have managed to change the way the Senate runs so that a minority of 41 can stymie the wishes of a majority of 59. It shouldn’t take 60 votes to pass legislation. This radical minority in the Senate and their supporters in the NRA and gun industry will surely be responsible for more needless deaths in the future.”