Assemblyman Dinowitz Calls on DOF to Dismiss Wrongful Parking Tickets

Bronx - Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) is calling on the NYC Department of Finance (DOF) to dismiss a series of parking tickets that were issued as a result of a mistake made by the city Department of Transportation. Motorists who parked in front of 525 West 236th Street between Oxford and Cambridge Avenues were given parking tickets for failing to observe the newly installed alternate side parking signs, which mistakenly claimed both Mondays and Thursdays were cleaning days. Residents, who had traditionally dealt with Monday only cleaning days, knew the new signs incorrectly designated Thursday as an alternate side day but were still given tickets by traffic agents.

The error was brought to the attention of Assemblyman Dinowitz’s office, which quickly contacted the DOT for inspection. Upon review, the DOT acknowledged the error in signage and replaced the new signs with corrected ones that rightly have alternate side parking on Mondays only. The DOF has yet to dismiss the tickets that were incorrectly issued by traffic agents.

“Dismissing these tickets should be an absolute no-brainer,” Dinowitz said. “Through the DOT, the city has already acknowledged that the signs claiming Thursday was an alternate side cleaning day were incorrect. If the city admits it has made a mistake, then the Department of Finance should immediately dismiss every ticket wrongfully issued to the motorists who parked at that location.”