Assembly Passes Dinowitz Bill Requiring Doctors to Post Product Recall Information

Bronx - Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) is pleased to announce the Assembly’s passage of A.00375, legislation he sponsored requiring primary care physicians to post information detailing how parents can subscribe to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) email list in their offices.

“Safety must come first, especially when it comes to our children,” Dinowitz said. “This legislation will help make sure parents are more informed about dangerous products. Ultimately, providing more information about product recalls could save lives.”

In recent years, hundreds of products designed to protect, educate and amuse our children have been subject to safety recalls. While these recalls are often publicized in news reports, if a parent happens to skip over an article or report regarding a recall, the lives of their children could be endangered. A.00375 would amend the public health law by adding a new section requiring primary care physicians to prominently post a notice designed by the Department of Health containing information detailing how parents or guardians can subscribe to the CPSC‘s email subscription list. Those who choose to subscribe to the list would periodically receive consumer product recall and safety news via email.

The bill must now pass the State Senate, where it is sponsored by Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, and be signed by the governor to become the law of New York State.