Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Calls on DOT to Repair Dangerously Deteriorated Retaining Walls on Henry Hudson Parkway

Bronx, NY – Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) has alerted the NYS DOT to a dangerous road condition on Henry Hudson Parkway between West 231st and West 235th Streets and has asked that they make immediate repairs. The retaining walls that divide the service roads and the parkway leading up to the West 232nd Street overpass on both the north- and south-bound sides have deteriorated to an extreme degree, posing a danger to all commuters that use the parkway. During a recent site visit, Assemblyman Dinowitz observed lengthy stretches of exposed, rusted rebar, large holes in the walls, and debris littering both the service road and the parkway. Stones could be easily picked off the retaining walls at several locations.

“I was shocked at the poor condition of the retaining walls leading up to the West 232nd Street overpass when I visited the site last week,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz. “This extreme deterioration poses a serious risk to the thousands of commuters who drive along the Henry Hudson Parkway every day, as a loose stone or partially-obstructed lane could easily lead to a major accident. I urge the New York State Department of Transportation to inspect and repair this site as quickly as possible.”