Crosswalk to Nowhere No More: Assemblyman Dinowitz Applauds Installation of Curb Cuts at Busy Intersection

Bronx, NY – For many years, the crosswalk from the northeast corner to the northwest corner of Kingsbridge Avenue and West 231st Street was useless to those with wheelchairs, walkers or baby strollers because there was no curb cut on the northwest corner. People walking along the “Crosswalk to Nowhere” had no way to return to the sidewalk after crossing Kingsbridge Avenue, and some of the community’s most vulnerable members would be forced to find alternative routes, including crossing the busy West 231st Street.

Assemblyman Dinowitz has repeatedly asked the New York City Department of Transportation to remedy this situation by installing a curb cut at the intersection, but for years, the agency under the previous administration failed to do so. However, under the new administration, the DOT moved quickly to install new, usable curb cuts at this location, eliminating the “Crosswalk to Nowhere” and allowing all residents to safely cross the street.

Assemblyman Dinowitz said, “I am very pleased that the DOT has finally made this location one that is accessible to everyone, including the disabled, the elderly and those wheeling baby carriages. Frankly, I was extremely disappointed that such a simple problem took so long to be resolved, but I am grateful that the DOT under the new administration is demonstrating a renewed commitment to responding to the needs of the community. I look forward to working with the DOT to address longstanding problems and other neighborhood issues throughout my district.”