Unsightly Clothing Bins Thrown Out: Sanitation Removes Bins at Request of Assemblyman Dinowitz

Bronx, NY – Recently, many large receptacles have appeared throughout the northwest Bronx that solicit donations of old clothes. While messages on the bins claim that all collected clothes would be donated to charitable causes, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and other officials across the city have learned that in many cases, the clothing was not donated but instead sold for profit. Assemblyman Dinowitz has asked the Department of Sanitation to remove all fraudulent bins from the streets. At this point, most, if not all, of the bins in the 81st Assembly District have been removed.

Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, “These clothing bins are not only a blight on our neighborhood, but are likely part of a scam by as-of-yet unknown organizations. In addition to being eyesores themselves, the bins are magnets for graffiti and garbage, and in many cases obstruct the sidewalk. Despite being overwhelmed by a very larger number of these bins throughout the City, I believe that the Sanitation Department acted quickly in removing the bins after my request and I commend them for that.”

Assemblyman Dinowitz concluded, “It is appalling that anyone would prey on peoples’ goodwill in order to make a profit, but that is what has happened with these bins. I ask that anyone who would like to donate their clothing do so at local clothing drives run by houses of worship and not-for-profit organizations.”