Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Council Member Cohen Applaud DOT for Repairs to Dangerously Deteriorated Retaining Walls on Henry Hudson Parkway

Bronx, NY – Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) and Council Member Andrew Cohen applauded the NYS Department of Transportation for repairing a dangerous road condition on Henry Hudson Parkway between West 231st and West 235th Streets that was brought to the agency’s attention by the two elected officials. The retaining walls that divide the service roads and the parkway leading up to the West 232nd Street overpass on both the north- and south-bound sides had deteriorated to an extreme degree, posing a danger to all commuters that use the parkway. During a site visit this summer, Assemblyman Dinowitz observed lengthy stretches of exposed, rusted rebar, large holes in the walls, and debris littering both the service road and the parkway; stones could be easily picked off the retaining walls at several locations.

However, the NYS Department of Transportation acted quickly to repair the retaining walls, removing debris, patching the holes in the wall, and capping the wall with new cement.

Assemblyman Dinowitz said, “The retaining walls leading up to the West 232nd Street overpass were in dire need of repair, with gaping holes and loose stones that posed risks to the thousands of motorists who drive along the Henry Hudson Parkway each day. After visiting the site, I spoke with top State DOT officials on this matter, stressing the need for swift action. I applaud the DOT for acting quickly to investigate and address this potential hazard. The walls have been expertly patched and once again form a solid and safe division between the parkway and the service roads near West 232nd Street.”

“The condition of the retaining wall was creating extremely unsafe road conditions for everyday commuters. These repairs will easily prevent major accidents and ensure the safety of our residents. I am pleased to see that the Department of Transportation has taken Assemblyman Dinowitz’s request for speedy repairs seriously,” said Council Member Andrew Cohen.

According to NYS DOT, the retaining walls remain structurally sound. A more extensive reconstruction of the walls is planned within the next several years.