Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Successfully Advocates for More Parking Spaces, Reduction of Oversized Traffic Island in Van Cortlandt Village

Bronx, NY – Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz successfully advocated for seven new parking spaces on Stevenson Place as well as a long-awaited reduction to the traffic island at the intersection of Van Cortlandt Avenue West and Sedgwick Avenue, changes the NYC Department of Transportation recently agreed to make. After Assemblyman Dinowitz spoke with the NYC DOT about the lack of parking on Stevenson Place, the agency agreed to reinstate parking on the street from Sedgwick Avenue to approximately 140 feet east, creating seven new parking spaces. These spaces will be subject to alternate-side parking regulations, which will be outlined with new traffic signage.

The traffic island, which was installed in 2012, juts into the intersection, making left-hand turns from Sedgwick Avenue onto Van Cortlandt Avenue West difficult. The corner of the traffic island is badly scuffed, evidence of the numerous drivers that have hit the island while making a left-hand turn.

“I am pleased that the DOT listened to my requests to add new parking spaces on Stevenson Place and reduce the size of this burdensome traffic island,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz. “I would like to thank Commissioner Moran for taking the time to inspect these sites with me this fall, and for taking action to improve the lives of residents in Van Cortlandt Village.”

This fall, Assemblyman Dinowitz, DOT Bronx Borough Commissioner Constance Moran, and a representative from the New York City Fire Department visited Van Cortlandt Village to inspect parking on Stevenson Avenue, the traffic island, and other traffic-related issues in the neighborhood. At the conclusion of the site visit, Commissioner Moran agreed to take action on these issues. The timelines for the installation of signage designating the new parking spaces and the traffic island reduction have not yet been announced by the DOT.