Assemblyman Dinowitz Lights Up Johnson Avenue

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz is pleased to announce that the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and Con Edison have finally addressed some of the problems of the new streetlights along Johnson Avenue. Recently, the lights have again begun to shed light along the busy street.

Several weeks ago, Assemblyman Dinowitz contacted DOT regarding a line of five street lights in a row that had been out of commission. DOT claimed that Con Edison had to supply power to the structures that they had already attended to. Upon contacting Con Edison, the Assemblyman was told that DOT needed to come out again to get the lights to work. These are the new decorative streetlights that Assemblyman Dinowitz funded for our community.

The back and forth conversations and a conference call cleared up the confusion. Power has been restored in three of the five lights. The other two lights, at the corner of West 236th Street, will soon be properly connected by Con Edison.

"I am glad to finally have light restored on Johnson Avenue. Countless people have come up to me regarding those faulty lights. After many calls and cooperation with various agencies, Johnson Avenue is brighter, safer, and more pleasant," said Dinowitz.