Assemblyman Dinowitz Gets Perfect Attendance Record for 2003 Votes

Over 1,600 votes were taken in the New York State Assembly in the 2003 legislative session. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz was there for every one of them, claiming a perfect attendance record.

Among these votes was A.8069c, the legislation would allowed the City of New York to take 48 acres of park land in Van Cortlandt Park. This bill, which Assemblyman Dinowitz vehemently opposed but was supported by the other 10 Bronx Assembly Members, involved the closest vote of all 1600 bills. That bill was approved 78-68 with 76 votes necessary to pass a bill.

"While I take tremendous pride in my work in the neighborhoods of my district it's crucial that I give full attention to matters in Albany as well. That's why it's so important to be there for the votes on legislation. It is a privilege to speak for those whom I represent. I will continue to be there to vote on every issue and to speak out on the issues affecting my district and the State," said Dinowitz.