Bendett Sponsors Legislation to Streamline Ammunition Purchases for Licensed New Yorkers

Assemblyman Scott Bendett (R, C-Sand Lake) announced he is co-sponsoring Assemblyman Joe Angelino’s (R, C-Norwich) legislation (A.8085) aimed at simplifying the process of purchasing and taking possession of ammunition for certain licensed individuals in the state of New York. The proposed bill seeks to eliminate redundant background checks and fees for those who have already undergone rigorous vetting processes

The legislation will permit licensed individuals with a valid pistol permit and semi-automatic rifle endorsement to purchase or take possession of ammunition without requiring sellers to contact the statewide license and record database for an additional background check.

Bendett explained, “Our goal with this legislation is to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy. Those who hold pistol permits and semi-automatic rifle endorsements have already undergone extensive background checks and must recertify their permits regularly. They have demonstrated their commitment to firearm safety through New York state-approved courses. Ammunition background checks only hurt law abiding gun owners and gun store owners. It’s redundancies to current federal standards offer little more than another reaching gun-grab. We are removing unnecessary hurdles for those who have already proven their ability to own and use firearms responsibly.”