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Assemblymember Wallace Announces Funding to Help Municipalities Enforce ‘Red Flag’ Laws

Today, Assemblymember Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced the allocation of $10 million in the State Budget to help law enforcement agencies process and enforce extreme risk protection orders (ERPO), to be administered with the assistance of Attorney...

Assemblymember Wallace: Budget Makes Historic Investments in Education

“I’m proud to have delivered a budget that makes historic investments in public education and will help set young New Yorkers on a path to success. Our spending plan provides for an historic investment of $34 billion for public schools, which marks...

Assemblymember Wallace: Budget Prioritizes Public Safety

“The New York State budget prioritizes public safety by making historic investments in law enforcement agencies and programs that are proven to reduce crime, and makes significant changes to address shortfalls in the bail reform law. It includes $10...

Assemblymember Wallace: Budget Bill Provides Needed Oversight, Reforms of WROTB

“For far too long, Western Regional Off-Track Betting has operated without adequate oversight or transparency, flouting laws and refusing to provide documents when requested by governmental officials. For example, the organization continues to provide...

Assemblymember Wallace Announces $96,000 for Lancaster Police Department to Purchase Body Cameras

Today, Assemblymember Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced that she secured $96,000 for the Lancaster Police Department to purchase body-worn cameras to improve transparency in its interactions with the public. Assemblymember Wallace advocated for and...

Assemblymember Wallace: Dropping Standardized Testing Requirement Makes SUNY Admissions Fairer

“Numerous studies have found that standardized tests are not accurate predictors of academic performance, and worse, exacerbate inequities that harm lower-income applicants and students of color. In fact, standardized test scores are most strongly correlated...
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