Press Releases

Brabenec Announces Improvement Projects Coming To Four Local Libraries

Brabenec: ‘Silver’s Sentence Stark Reminder Albany Is far From Clean’

Brabenec: ‘Economic Development Money Belongs to Taxpayers, Not Corrupt Cronies’

Brabenec Joins Furry Friends at Legislative Animal Advocacy Day in Albany

Brabenec Hosts ‘It Should Be A Law’ Event with Minisink Valley Students

Brabenec Commemorates Memorial Day

Brabenec Honors Emergency Medical Services at Citi Field Event

Brabenec Announces Barbara Underwood Voted As New York Attorney General in Joint Legislative Session

Brabenec Joins Assembly, Senate Colleagues to Keep Cop-Killer Anthony Bottom in Prison

Brabenec Joins Local Leaders for Groundbreaking of $40 Million Medical Village in Port Jervis

Brabenec Participates In Construction Career Day at Rockland Co. Community College

Brabenec: ‘More Coddling Of Felons Thanks To Cuomo’

NYC Majority Vote to Kill Strongest Ethics Reform Package In State History

Brabenec Issues Statement on 2018 Enacted State Budget

Brabenec Calls On Assembly to Follow Senate Lead In Support Of Blue Lives Matter Legislation

Herman Bell Release Slap in the Face to Law Enforcement Everywhere

Brabenec Stands with Local Labor to Protect Jobs & Prevailing Wage

Brabenec Stands Against $1.9 Billion in New Taxes in Assembly Majority One-House Budget

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Brabenec Announces Groundbreaking Property-Tax Relief Plan