Press Releases

Hawley Fighting To Preserve NYS American Legion Boys State Program

Hawley Fights $5.7 Billion New York City Proposed Tax Hike

Hawley Joins Bipartisan Rally Calling for Upstate’s Fair Share of Road, Bridge Funding

Hawley Announces March Office Hours

Hawley, Assembly Minority Introduce Budget Priorities Package to Help All New Yorkers

Hawley Calls For State Prisons to Remain Open amid Gov.’s Shutdown Effort

Hawley Welcomes Amazon to Construction-Ready Stamp Site

Far-Left Continues Courting Convicts with Pay Raise

Hope the New Bridge Was Worth It, Governor

Hawley Wants To Ask Residents Statewide If They Prefer ‘Two New Yorks’

Hawley Announces February Office Hours

Hawley: ‘Dream? – More like A Nightmare’

Hawley Sounds Alarm on Minimum-Wage Related Layoffs

Hawley: ‘State of the State Blueprint for Disaster’

Hawley Comments on Opening Of 2019 Session

Hawley Announces January Office Hours

Hawley Named Deputy Minority Leader

Hawley Calls On Current Attorney General Underwood and Attorney General-Elect James to Address Inconsistent Pricing of Gasoline

Hawley Commemorates Pearl Harbor Day

Hawley Announces December Office Hours