Press Releases

Hawley Announces State of Emergency Declared For Orleans County

Hawley Announces Over $9 Million Investment for Local Affordable Housing

Hawley Reiterates Calls for Assembly Hearings on Farm Worker Unionization

Hawley Announces Senate Confirmation of IJC Members Following White House Talks

Hawley Joins Assembly Colleagues to Introduce Tax Relief Bill for Volunteer First Responders

Kendall Students Visit Albany, Given Resounding Floor Introduction

Hawley Tours Lake Ontario Shoreline amid Imminent Flooding, Pens Letter to Sen. McConnell Requesting Immediate IJC Confirmation

Hawley Condemns Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Hawley Commemorates West Point Day in Albany

Hawley Announces May Office Hours

Hawley Urges Grassroots Opposition to Bill Hindering Youth Marksmanship Programs

Hawley Condemns Progressive Politicians’ Bill to Parole More Hardened Criminals

Hawley Announces Expansion of Gold Star Families Scholarship

Hawley Continues Fight for Gold Star Families Bill Following Wave of Support

Assembly Majority Votes To Block College Assistance for Veterans’ Families

Hawley Condemns Cuomo Prison Closure Initiative

Hawley Announces April Office Hours

Hawley: ‘Downstate Rule Rears Head in State Budget’

Hawley Commemorates Vietnam Veterans Day

Hawley Stands up To NY’s Debt Crisis in First Budget Vote