The Assembly Chamber has a proud and storied history as both a forum for democracy and an outstanding example of public architecture. Our state’s finest and most-gifted artists, artisans and craftsmen put their mark on this “monumental interior.”

Now, efforts are being made to restore and preserve this crucible of representative government while providing easy access for all people. Possible future projects under review include opening up the East Gallery, which is the balcony area across the room from the rostrum. This would increase public access to the Chamber for all.

Also being studied is the cracked and buckling lead caming that holds individual pieces of stained glass in the windows. In cooperation with Francoise Bollack, project architect, restoration is being undertaken in conjunction with disability access and safety projects to maximize cost-effective benefits. The Assembly Chamber is a work in progress, one that pays homage to our past, but also focuses on our future.

The Assembly gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Andrea Lazarski and the New York State Commission on Restoration of the Capitol for their help in the restoration and information for this brochure.

The Assembly would also like to thank Assemblymember John McEneny, Chair of the Working Group on the Assembly Chamber.