Press Releases

Statement from NYC & NYS Legislative Chairs Carlina Rivera, Mark Levine, Richard Gottfried, and Gustavo Rivera on Contact Tracing Leadership Decision

Assembly Passes Legislation Providing Sick Leave for All New Yorkers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Assembly Health Committee Update

Protecting Maternal Health: Women's Health Professionals Join Health Committee Chairs to Call for Extended Medicaid Eligibility

Gov. Cuomo Vetoes Bill to Regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Protect Consumers

Nursing Home Oversight: Governor Signs Bill Expanding Reporting, Enforcement Processes

Rand Corporation Study Confirms: New York Health Act ‘Could Expand Coverage While Reducing Total Health Spending’

Protecting Family Planning

Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana as Opioid Alternative and Addiction Treatment

Assembly Passes New York Health Act

500 Rally in Albany for Universal Single-Payer Healthcare

CVS and Aetna: ‘Too Big To Regulate?’

Protecting Transgender Rights:

Trump Administration Attacks State Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Laws

Leading Unions, and Health Care Providers Announce New Support for Single-Payer Health Care

Good Samaritan Overdose Laws Save Lives

Single Payer Health Plan for New York

Assembly Health Committee Advances 21 Bills

Standing Up for Patients: 7 Bills Advanced by Assembly Health Committee

Protecting New Yorkers from Environmental Health Risks