Press Releases

Brabenec Unveils Legislation to Support Volunteer First Responders with State Tax Exemption

Brabenec Reaffirms Opposition to Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Brabenec Blasts Majority’s Plan for Early Release of Felons

Brabenec Announces Expansion of Merit Scholarship to Gold Star Families

Brabenec Joins Bipartisan Effort to Prevent Wage Theft, Tax Fraud & Support Local Labor

Assembly Majority Blocks Bill to Help Deceased Veterans’ Family Members Attend College

Brabenec: ‘Disastrous State Budget Begins To Unfold In Albany’

Brabenec Champions Bill Giving Seniors Increasing Property-Tax Exemptions as They Age

Brabenec: ‘the Assembly Majority Favor $5.7 Billion Tax Increase’

Brabenec Introduces Legislation to Combat Fentanyl Possession and Trafficking

Albany Painted Orange as Brabenec Joins Highway Crews Calling For Road, Bridge Funding

Brabenec Headlines Press Conference to Expand Route 17 to Interstate 86

Brabenec, Assembly Minority Unveil Budget Priorities at Albany Press Conference

Brabenec Holds District Library Tour

Brabenec Delivers Valentine’s Day Cards to Local Seniors Made by Local Elementary Students

Brabenec To Amazon: ‘Orange And Rockland Counties Will Gladly Have You’

According To NYC Liberals, a Life of Crime Should Pay

Brabenec Reintroduces Strongest Property-Tax Cut Plan in Existence

Brabenec: ‘Highest Taxed State in the Nation Has a Revenue Problem’

Brabenec Warns Single-Payer Health Care Could Bankrupt Middle Class