Press Releases

Montesano Supports Car Free Day to Promote a Healthy Environment

Oyster Bay Cemetery from Segregation Era Placed on National Register of Historic Places

Montesano: It’s a Shame to See a Leader with No Pride in His Country

Libraries in Bethpage, Hicksville and Locust Valley to Receive Funding for Construction Projects

Montesano Calls for Statewide Contaminant Testing in Public Water Systems

Montesano Calls for the DMV to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

Montesano Calls for Further Investigation to New York American Water

Montesano Demolishes Gov. Cuomo’s Bridge/Tunnel Dreams

Dormitory Authority Funds Private Businesses and Leaves Possibility of Billions in Debt for New York Taxpayers

Assembly Majority’s Pro-Criminal Agenda Takes Precedence Over Ethics Reform and Affordability

Montesano: We Should Help Victims’ Voices Be Heard, Not Silence Them

Montesano: Double Track Project Ongoing Between Hicksville and Ronkonkoma

Assemblyman Montesano Supports I Love My Park Day

Montesano: Trying to Avoid Repercussions is Not Worth Risking Someone Else’s Life

Montesano: Avoiding Looking in the Mirror Won’t Make the Issues Go Away, Gov. Cuomo

Montesano: Driving While Intoxicated is Dangerous No Matter What You are Driving

Montesano: We Need to Help Improve Transportation Network Companies Outside of NYC

Montesano: Closing the LLC Loophole

Montesano: It is a Sad Day for New Yorkers

Montesano: LIRR Construction in South Farmingdale